Outlet Center


Fashion Park

Indjija, Serbia


Area: 30,000 m2

Year: 2011

Completed in 9 months


General contractor Investor & developer



First retail destination in Serbia

High visibility

Easy accessible

35,000 cars per day

Fashion Park , Indjija, Serbia


The whole concept has been conceived as an old city in Vojvodina, including the elements of old Vojvodina architecture. The houses vary in the number of floors and in colors thus creating specific ambient.

There are different types of terraces that expand along the street, while on certain spots they are interrupted. Here we have plastic around the windows and variety of final external house processing: demit façade, tile, façade brick, and contrast in colors offer dynamics and variety to the visitors, thus avoiding monotonous atmosphere. Huge glass panels have been implemented as to obtain the most possible transparency to certain internal functions.

The street length is in some places interrupted by bridges of the opposite houses and in this visually make street shorter.

The street is covered with stone plates, and in the square area is decorated with multi-color and circle –shaped mosaics. The street is 8-15 m wide. In some places it becomes narrower while in some places it becomes wider with the construction of small markets or squares decorated with greenery, fountains, benches, urban inventory and lightening.

Since there is warehouse on the back side of each store, the zone for delivery and cargo vehicles is projected. This access road around center is also a fire escape. The building is visible from the surrounding roads. The building possesses three entrances and a parking area.